New Web site

Hi Friends

I have consolidated all my work at one place, my new website. Please check it out. All my new stuff wil be posted there henceforth. Also I have provided a discussion forum where you can post your queries and comments regarding systems posted by me. If you wish you can also share your system in this web site.



KBrain System

Finally after a long time I am posting another system. I have named it KBrain. This is based on the concepts of the Brain Trend system for Metatrader. This is straight off the drawing board. I am still to do extensive testing. This is also a stop and reverse system. Please check it out. Please report bugs and post your valuable comments so that we can improve the same and finally come out with a nice system.

Dicussions on NMA

Nice intraday checks and discussion on the NMA system is going on here

The NMA swing system afl has been updated by incorporating text indication in the Title. Proft/loss for each trade and current P&L also Indicated. The New version available for download

NMA Swing System

NMA Swing System

The Forex Trading has different Trading systems very specific to it. Some of these are quite popular in Forex Trading and seldom found being used for Stock markets. We have been experimenting with these strategies on Stock Trading for some time now. Some of these with small adjustments are found to produce interesting results on Stocks. We Plan to present these interesting strategies here.

The First one is one based on Nick Rypock stuff. This system is basically meant for Swing Traders. The interesting thing about this is that it keeps one in trade during smaller swings and hence the numbers of Trades are small and the moves are larger. This has to used as a stop and reverse system.

Please test it thoroughly before Trading if to decide to use it